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Eurovision 2009

You can find a lot of other photo and video of Alexander Rybak here.

First part (till 00:35)
Alex: My russian it not fluent at all...
Dunno who: He said you're a winner!
A: To be honest, it's a pleasure, and the question was....
Dunno who: There was no question

from 1:55 (when the talk comes to the languages he speaks)
-Do you Speak Byelorussian?
-Oh, no... when i was younger, we used to sing songs, "Kupolinka", but now i don't remember it (the language). Now i speak Russian... talk Russian... what is the right variant, talk Russian or speak Russian?
- Speak, speak)

from 3:24:
-Hi Alexander!
-You said, you were singing "Kupolinka". Could you tell us, at what age it was? was it the beggining of you career? have it roused your singing talent?
-It was a pretty hard question... Could you please speal to me like you are spealing to a 8 years old child, then i'll understand)
-Alex, i will help, sweetie.
-Thank you
-When you were a child, sitiing on the khees of your father...
-It was my mother

-Your grandma was crying and she asked if you were gonna be a famous singer. Can we consider it as the start of your career?
-Of course.
-Which of above-listed relatives...
-Speak more simple
A: - Which of the relatives....
-Who of them are coming here to support you?
-Is your grandma coming?
-My grandma, the one who is the mother of my mother, is not coming, decause it's hard to move for her, but my father's mother is gonna be here.

from 2:27
-I'm representing the newspaper "Belarus today"
A:-Why y'all r whispering?
-I'm fron Belarus, and i'm gonna say, in Belarus a lot of people r supportin u.
-Wow... thank you very much!
-When you dancing team was dancing, i thought, i see the state dancing ensemble of belarussian dance, they have a very similar performance.
-That's great
-Your song is also very similar to ethnic belarussian music. A lot of people can say that your song is similar to lots of folk songs.

A: - Of course, i was born in Belarus, Belarussian blood is running through my veins. So...
-I want to know, whos support means the most 4 u now?
A (to the presenter, missunderstanding the question): - Please, help.
Presenter: - Please, help me! *laughing* Well, if i understand the question correctly, who supports and inspires you the most?
- Svetlana Loboda.

Presenter: - Ok, here goes my question, not about Svetlana Loboda. If you were offered to represent Belarus on the ESC, what would be ur answer?
-Well, if I were living in Belarus...
-No, no, imagine it's happening now
-Now i do not have time... I already have to represent Norway.

from 8:40:
-Russia, the "......." Magazine. Who else of russian stars do you like? Do you have a favourite one?
-I like Glukoza a lot, because her song "Shvaine" id used in the TV show ".......". That is how i got to know Russia.
Presenter: - That is how Glukoza decame famous in Norway.

from 9:25
-Good afternoon, Alexandr, Belarussian News Agency, from your motherland. After your (hopefully) victory on the ESC, don't you want to come to Minsk (the capital of Belarus - note) with a concert tour?
Presenter: -Do you wnt to hear the trith?
A: - I'd love to, of course. Not only to Minsk, but also to ........, i have a dacha in there.
-How about singing in the Republic Palace?
-I don't know, is it beautiful?
-It is big.
-Then sure.



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